It begins with you

In my years of lecturing, one thing continues to amaze me: Its how people see themselves!!! Much of what happens in your life, is a product of perception. You see, perception changes things. I remember a beautiful song in time past, by Dolly Parton. The song talks about "coat of many colors"!!! You see, a... Continue Reading →

When failure fails!!!

Come to think of it! Have you ever failed so much that it begins to feel like "failure" is failing to fail you? That very moment when you know that the worst that could ever happen is to fail. You see, failure wasn't designed to be a final destination! Rather, it is merely part of... Continue Reading →

Why am I called “The Advocate”?

I'd just simply start by saying that its not how people see you, that really counts!! Basically, how you see yourself, matters the most!! However, because we live in a world where interactions are inevitable, you must have an identity. I really didn't ascribe to myself the name "the advocate"; it became an identity over... Continue Reading →

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